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High Strict In Display Quality Control

Quality Control and Assurance Standards

Quality figures determine a baseline for the fundamental values in all aspects of our manufacturing. All domestic and overseas products require ISO9001:2015, Rohs, ISO 14001,ISO TS 16949 Certificate. There are three inspection program for COG, FOG, MOD stages. At the same time, Laptopanel Technology also can set customized QC program according to customer`s requirment.

Incoming & Quality Control
      AQL Standard Sampling Inspection.
      Incoming Engineering, Mechanical, Electronic & Optical Testing.
       Vendor Quality Auditing.
In Process & Assurance System
       Online QC (Cleaning, Printing, Chip Position).
       After Wire Bonding 100% Best & Inspection (Electronic, Optical).
       Final Testing & Inspection (100% QC, Mechanical, Electronic, Optical).
       Functional Testing Of LSI, LCD, Contrast, Etc.
Out Going & Quality Control
        Functional Testing (Electronic, AC/DC, Pin Terminal, Mechanical).
        LCM QC Testing (Contrast , Characters, Display, Etc).
        Sampling QC According To AQL Standard (Value=0.65).

OLED/LCD Module (Consumer)
No Item Test Condition Applicable Standard
01 High Temperature Storage Keep in 80±5°C 96~100hrs MIL-202E
02 Low Temperature Storage Keep Test in -30±5°C 96~100hrs
03 High Temperature/Humidity Storage Test 1. Storage 96~100hrs 60°C, 90~95%RH
(Polarizer may fail in this environment)
2. Storage 96~100hrs 40±2°C,90~95%RH
04 Temperature Cycling Storage Test -20°C - 25°C - 70°C -25°C MIL-202E
05 Vibration Test(Packaged) 10~55Hz(1 Minute)1.5mm direction each time by X,Y And Z Direction x (Each 2hrs) MIL-202E
06 Drop Test (Packaged) Packing Weight (kg) Drop High (cm) MIL-810E
0~ 45.4 122
45.4~ 90.8 76 76
90.8~ 454 61 61
Over 454 46
07 ESD Test Air Discharge:
Apply 2KV with 5 times
discharge for each polarity +/-
Contact Discharge:
Apply 250V with 5 times
discharge for each polarity +/-
IEC 61000-4-2
Testing location: Testing location:
1. Apply to bezel.
2. Apply to Vdd, Vss.
Panox Display makes a commitment to supply perfect displays. All parts from us use the fantastic quality materials designed to OEM standards. Panox Display has a qualified quality-control engineering team, and they generally make full supervision on the products' whole quality inspection process, timely feedback and analysis on the unqualified cell phone parts.

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