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OLED Notebook suppliers, previously concentrated in small generation lines like G6, are actively expanding their capacity to capture the growing OLED IT market.
China's VR headset device shipments fell sharply by 56% in the first half of 2023, ending two consecutive years of growth in 2021-2022.
Omdia anticipates a significant increase in OLED panels' share in gaming displays, soaring from 7.3% in 2022 to 54% in 2024.
BOE has announced a substantial investment of 63 billion yuan in the construction of an 8.6 generation AMOLED production line, signaling intensified competition with Samsung in the large-size OLED panel sector
On November 14, Vivo unveiled the X100 series, showcasing phones equipped with a 6.78- inch flexible OLED screen.
According to industry sources, Meta is considering LCoS (LC on Silicon) OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) and LEDoS (LEDoS: LED on Silicon) as the next-generation Extended Reality (XR) Micro Display (microdisplay) technology.
Corning has announced that prices for its display substrate glass will increase by 20%. The price rise increase will be global, affecting all compositions, and take effect in the third quarter of 2023.
Micro-OLED is a new micro-display technology that combines CMOS electronics and OLED technology to achieve more than 3,000 PPI.
Huawei AR-HUD uses Huawei's AutOptiX intelligent on-board light technology to bring cars into the era of optical displays. 70 inch at 7.5 m distance, 96 inch at 10 m.

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