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Industrial LCD

‘Industrial OLED displays’ is a collective term for all displays – including industrial control LCD screens, industrial display screens, and industrial screens – that are used in industrial control equipment.
In fact, there is no agreed definition or name for products of this nature, but they generally cover displays that are able to work in harsh environments. For instance, they generally operate well across a wide temperature range (with working temperatures ranging from -30°C to 80°C) and in very bright light (up to 400 lumens). They also tend to be able to withstand long and uninterrupted use.
The high durability of such displays means they are mainly use in instruments, communication equipment, outdoor engineering devices and in other devices that require displays with a high degree of stability and durability.
Although industrial OLED/LCD screens have so many benefits, they are generally much more expensive than ordinary OLED/LCD screens.



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Model Size Display Type Resolution Interface Display Brand Image
6.5 inch Industrial LCD 640x480 800 nits
6.5 inch Industrial LCD 640x480 800 nits
Size6.5 inch
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution640 x 480
Display BrandAUO
6.5 inch TFT-LCD 640 x 480 LVDS AUO 6.5 inch Industrial LCD 640x480 800 nits

It`s just a beginning to get display panels from us, then clients need to solve cover glass/touch panel, driving board, connectors on PCB.Fortunately Panox Display provide complete display solutions.
Panox Display provides free connectors for clients who purchase more than five products from us. Our product range includes connectors from Molex, Kyocera, AXE, AXG, JAE, Hiros, and more.
Cover Glass/Touch Panels
Panox Display provides a customized cover glass/touch panel service. We supply cover glass from Gorilla, AGC, and Panda, which all have excellent optical performance. We also supply driver ICs from Goodix and Focaltech.
Controller/Driver Boards
If your applications are directly connected to a PC, a cellphone, or Raspberry Pi, and you have enough space to insert a board to input video, Panox Display can provide customized Controller/Driver boards with input connections for VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, Type-C video input, MIPI, RGB, LVDS, and eDP.
The functions of our boards include, but are not limited to, adjustment of brightness, sound output, touch interface, extra data transmission, and gyroscope.

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