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Panox Display offers customized controller boards for LCD and OLED screens, equipped with various functions including brightness adjustment, headphone support, Bluetooth connectivity, gyroscope integration, split display, copy display, and more. We have developed a wide range of controller boards tailored for different display interfaces, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

HDMI To MCU Controller Board
HDMI To RGB Controller Board
HDMI To MIPI  Controller Board
HDMI To LVDS Controller Board
HDMI To eDP  Controller Board
Type-C To MIPI Controller Board
Type-C To LVDS Controller Board
The shape also can be made as required, following is a customized board to fit Raspberry Pi 3B.



The Controller/Driver Board serves as the main interface for OLED/LCD displays, ensuring seamless compatibility with input connections such as VGA, HDMI, DVI, or DP (Display Port). Panox Display offers Controller/Driver boards compatible with various OLED/LCD panel brands. We customize the Controller/Driver board and cable sets based on your display panel's requirements, providing tailored firmware to optimize performance.

Our boards boast a range of functionalities including brightness adjustment, sound output, touch interface support, additional data transmission capabilities, and gyroscope integration, among others.


Industrie Display Solutions

TFT LCD/OLED Display Controller Boards
In-house developed and self-produced industrial LCD panel control solutions. Custom control boards (MOQ of 200-1000pcs / year)

LCD-Kits/OLED Kits and Touch Panels
Complete industrial and digital signage display solutions such as display-kits or total solution touch displays with touchscreen directly integrated in the manufacturing process.

LCD/OLED Controller/Driver Boards Cases Overview


Basic Function
1】:Compliant with DCS1.02, D-PHY1.2& DSI1.02 &CSI-2 1.0
2】:1 Clock Lane, and 1~4 Configurable Data Lanes per port
3】:1/2 configurable port.
4】:Compliant with the HDMI 1.4(2.0)specification;
5】:Adjust backlight function;
6】:Input Voltage:+5V(Micro USB);
7】:Dimensions:49 x 55x H4.3 mm ;
8】:RoHS Compliant;
9】: TP port and loudspeaker port available

Display Cases: Sharp 10.1 inch 2560x1600 LCD @ 60 Hz
            Sharp 5.5   inch 1440x2560 LCD @ 60 Hz

Basic Function
1】: Compliant with DCS1.02, D-PHY1.2& DSI1.02 &CSI-2 1.0
2】: 1 Clock Lane, and 1~4 Configurable Data Lanes per port
3】: Compliant with the HDMI 1.4 specification with TMDS data
rates up to 3.4Gbps per channel,Support HDCP 1.4;
4】: 80Mb/s~1.5Gb/s per Data Lane;
5】: ESD 4kV HBM;
6】:Input Voltage:+5V;
8】: RoHS Compliant;
9】: TP port and loudspeaker port available

Display Cases: 6.2 inch 720*RGBx1280 LCD@60 Hz RGB Interface

Basic Function
1】: Compliant with the HDMI 1.4(2.0)specification;
2】: Input Voltage:+5V(Micro USB);
3】:TP Compliant, default code for GT911 chip;
4】:Compliant with the RGB 24 bits display;
5】: Compliant with the LVDS signal;
6】:Adjust backlight function;
7】:Dimensions:35 x 95x 4.7 mm ;
8】:RoHS Compliant;
9】: Loudspeaker port available, 2* 3W@4 Ohm

Display Case: 7 Inch 1024RGBx600 LCD RGB Interface

Basic Function
1】: Compliant with BOE 0.39 inch Micro OLED;
2】: Apply to AR/VR;
3】:  Type-C input interface;
4】: Compliant with type-c mobilephone, PC

Display Case: BOE 0.39 inch Micro OLED 1920x1080 Mipi @ 60 Hz

Our Board Can Be Connected To Raspberry Pi

 HDMI to MIPI Controller board for
8.8 inch LCD 

 HDMI to MIPI Controller board for
7 inch LCD 

To obtain a custom-made Controller Board from Panox Display, follow these steps,

1.Provide a detailed drawing outlining interfaces, holes, and other specifications. Panox Display will review the drawing to ensure all components can be accommodated.

2.Pay the tooling charge, which Panox Display offers at a competitive rate.

3.Our engineers will proceed to place components on the board according to your specifications.

4.Circuit layout will be established based on the design requirements.

5.Adjustments will be made to optimize the placement of components as needed.

6.Coordinate with a PCB factory to manufacture and assemble the components onto the board.

7.The final step involves loading the necessary software onto the board and conducting thorough debugging to ensure proper functionality.

Contact Us To Get Your  Customized Board

Controller Board  Cases

Sharp 10.1 inch TFT LCD 2560X1600  HDMI To MIPI DSI
JDI   8.9 inch TFT LCD  2560X1600 HDMI To MIPI DSI
JDI  7 inch TFT LCD   1920X1200 HDMI To MIPI DSI

Check the LCD/OLED displays with available Controller Board.


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