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Quality Control and Assurance Standards

Quality figures determine a baseline for the fundamental values in all aspects of our manufacturing.
All domestic and overseas products require ISO9001:2015, Rohs, ISO 14001, and ISO TS 16949 certificates.
There are three inspection programs for COG, FOG, and MOD stages.
At the same time, Laptopanel Technology can also set customized QC programs according to customers' requirements.

Incoming & Quality Control
      AQL Standard Sampling Inspection.
      Incoming Engineering, Mechanical, Electronic & Optical Testing.
       Vendor Quality Auditing.
In Process & Assurance System
       Online QC (Cleaning, Printing, Chip Position).
       After Wire Bonding 100% Best & Inspection (Electronic, Optical).
       Final Testing & Inspection (100% QC, Mechanical, Electronic, Optical).
       Functional Testing Of LSI, LCD, Contrast, Etc.
Out Going & Quality Control
        Functional Testing (Electronic, AC/DC, Pin Terminal, Mechanical).
        LCM QC Testing (Contrast , Characters, Display, Etc).
        Sampling QC According To AQL Standard (Value=0.65).

LCD/OLED Module (Consumer)
No Item Test Condition Applicable Standard
01 High Temperature Storage Keep in 80±5°C 96~100hrs MIL-202E
02 Low Temperature Storage Keep Test in -30±5°C 96~100hrs
03 High Temperature/Humidity Storage Test 1. Storage 96~100hrs 60°C, 90~95%RH
(Polarizer may fail in this environment)
2. Storage 96~100hrs 40±2°C,90~95%RH
04 Temperature Cycling Storage Test -20°C - 25°C - 70°C -25°C MIL-202E
05 Vibration Test(Packaged) 10~55Hz(1 Minute)1.5mm direction each time by X,Y And Z Direction x (Each 2hrs) MIL-202E
06 Drop Test (Packaged) Packing Weight (kg) Drop High (cm) MIL-810E
0~ 45.4 122
45.4~ 90.8 76 76
90.8~ 454 61 61
Over 454 46
07 ESD Test Air Discharge:
Apply 2KV with 5 times
discharge for each polarity +/-
Contact Discharge:
Apply 250V with 5 times
discharge for each polarity +/-
IEC 61000-4-2
Testing location: Testing location:
1. Apply to bezel.
2. Apply to Vdd, Vss.
So How Does Panox Display Do With QC?
Panox Display makes a commitment to deliver excellent one-stop sourcing service. All parts from us use the fantastic quality materials designed to OEM standards. Panox Display has a qualified quality-control engineering team, and they generally make full supervision on the products' whole quality inspection process, timely feedback and analysis on the unqualified cell phone parts.


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