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Panox Display is a specialist supplier of OLED/LCD screens and an experienced manufacturer of OEM OLED/LCD screens. We provide companies, developers, and DIYers all over the world with A-grade display panels, with our product range including monochrome, full-color OLED/LCD, Micro OLED, flexible OLED, round OLED, industrial LCD, memory LCD, TFT-LCD, and IPS-LCD displays. 
To help our clients build comprehensive display system solutions, we also provide customized touch panels and controller boards, cover lenses, Arduino boards, free connectors, and FPC cables, which enable developers to adapt displays across Raspberry, Linux, and Windows devices.
We have been operating for almost 10 years and, in that time, we have built strong and long-lasting relationships with engineers, purchasers, and founders from many countries and sectors, including – but not limited to – the Automotive, Medical, Marine, Outdoor, Industrial Machinery and Consumer Electrics industries.



Lastest OLED LCD Display Panles


Full-size customized Touch Panel solution,design and produce customzied TP basing on requirement of clients. Including CTP(Capacitive Touch Panel),RTP(Resistive Touch Panel), with structure contains G+F, G+F+F, G+G, OGS, glass material contains Corning gorilla,AGC,Panda, Driver IC contains Raydium, Focal Tech.

Customized controller board basing on client`s drawing, requirements, contains spi to HDMI,mipi to HDMI,edp to HDMI,LVDS to HDMI,  compatible with touch panel, microphone.Enable display panel connect to computer, Raspberry Pi, Linux.

Panox Display provides
Free Connectors for clients who purchase more than three displays from us. Our product range includes connectors from Molex, Kyocera, AXE, AXG, JAE, Hiros, and more.


Customized LCD service
A lot of end-users embrace screen customization when purchasing LCD screens for use in their products. This is because a client’s own product often has a unique design, which necessitates the incorporation of a customized LCD screen.  
Customized FPC


Customized Backlight (Brightness, Color)

Customized Size, Resolution, Structure

For customzied size, resolution or structure need original display panel manufacturers to make a new model, so it need big invest and high MOQ. Panox Display only provide FPC, IC assembly after original manufacturers produce display cell.


Application Cases

The consumer electronics MR industry: An in-depth report of Apple’s Vision Pro
The consumer electronics MR industry: An in-depth report of Apple’s Vision Pro

Detail of components parts of Vision Pro, chips, sensors, displays, camera, Optics. Apple’s Vision Pro is a revolutionary spatial computing device that seamlessly integrates digital content with the real world.

Micro OLED Application: First AR Laptop
Micro OLED Application: First AR Laptop

Sightful has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) laptop.  It use two 1920x1280 micro OLED.

New Micro OLED Application: Minimis Glass
New Micro OLED Application: Minimis Glass

Australian startup Minimis has unveiled an AR glasses designed for fitness tracking, health monitoring and navigation Minimis Glass. It use 0.71 inch Micro OLED with 500 nits brightness.

AR Diving Mask With High Brightness Micro OLED
AR Diving Mask With High Brightness Micro OLED

AR diving mask could be the future of all types of divers, AR display on the diving glass will make diving safer. According to feedback from our clients, high brightness is very important for underwater equipment.

New Micro OLED Application: IQiyi MR Glass
New Micro OLED Application: IQiyi MR Glass

China's famous XR manufacturer iQiyi Qiyu's next-generation MR Flagship product will also use Micro OLED technology solution, the resolution may be increased by more than 50%.

LCD Application: 4.8 inch LCD On Ray Super Remote
LCD Application: 4.8 inch LCD On Ray Super Remote

Panox Display has got a batch of LCD TP assembly for Ray Super Remote. Panox Display sells it at a very low price, just want to sell all the stock asap.


Corning has announced that prices for its display substrate glass will increase by 20%. The price rise increase will be global, affecting all compositions, and take effect in the third quarter of 2023.
Micro-OLED is a new micro-display technology that combines CMOS electronics and OLED technology to achieve more than 3,000 PPI.
Huawei AR-HUD uses Huawei's AutOptiX intelligent on-board light technology to bring cars into the era of optical displays. 70 inch at 7.5 m distance, 96 inch at 10 m.
BOE has been selected as the OLED panel supplier for Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Watch 6, which will be launched in the second half of this year, and is expected to start supplying panels in the second quarter, according to South Korean media Hankook.
BOE responded to investors about the development of AR/VR display panels, saying that BOE has provided VR/AR/MR smart applications display solutions, including high PPI, high refresh rate of Fast LCD and ultra-high resolution, ultra-high contrast of Micro OLED (silicon-based OLED) and other representative display technology.
As the new energy vehicle market continues to develop in ways that exceed initial expectations, the automotive industry continues to promote the trend towards "electrification, intelligence, Internet connection" and other technological innovations that, when combined, are driving the continuous demand for on-board displays.
SID Display brought together the industry’s biggest players – including BOE, Samsung Display, Tianma, TCL Huaxin, LG Display, Visionox, AUO and Innolux, among others.
According to India's latest report, Samsung's Image Display Division purchased about 48 million panels in 2021 and shipped 42 million units. In 2022, meanwhile, it plans to purchase 56 million panels and ship 48 million units in 2022. The panels it purchases will be made up of 53 million OPEN Cell LCD TVs, 1 million QD OLED panels, and 2 million WOLED TV panels.

Sort Display Panel by Characteristics

Low consumptionSunlight ReadableWide tempereatureIn-cellOn-cellRound DisplayLong Strip/StretchedFor HandheldVehicle3D printingMobilephoneSmart WatchARVRArduinoHigh ContrastHigh LuminanceHigh refresh rateIPS-LCD7 inchHDMI Controller BoardsquareFast LCD


100% True Feedback from Clients

Ron Mertens

CEO, Metalgrass LTD

" We have worked with Panox Display for over 5 years,  and are impressed with their excellent selection of OLED displays, good service and attractive prices - and we are always happy to recommend them to our customers! "

Florian Cossy

CEO, CH Precision

CH Precision is a world-renowned Swiss manufacturer, producing cutting-edge,high-end audio products which deliver the best possible musical performance inthis demanding and competitive global market.

Beyond the remarkable musicality, design, finish and technical excellence are allkey parts of CH Precsion's products, qualities that might be considered typically Swiss. Less obvious (given the under-stated minimalism of the units themselves) is their remarkable versatility and the sophisticated software driven user

interface, that allows owners to both configure all aspects of system integrationand operation as well as instantly viewing the current status.

Central to the front fascia of each unit, central to its successful operation andunique user access. CH Precision relies on the quality and adaptability of PANOXDISPLAY technology for the crucial functionality that lies at the heart of anddefines every product they build.

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