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Precautions For Use of OLED Modules


1  Handling Precautions

1.1 The display panel is made of glass. Do not subject it to a mechanical shock by dropping itfrom a high place, etc.

1.2 If the display panel is damaged and the Organic Light-Emitting Diodeinside it leaks out, be sure not to get any in your mouth, if the substance comes into contact with your skin or clothes, promptly wash it off using soap and water.

1.3 Do not apply excessive force to the display surface or the adjoining areas since this may cause the color tone to vary.

1.4 The polarizer covering the display surface of theOLEDmodule is soft and easily scratched. Handle this polarizer carefully.

1.5  If the display surface is contaMinated, breathe on the surface and gently wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If still not completely clear, moisten cloth with one of the following solvents:

 -Isopropyl alcohol
 -Ethyl alcohol

Solvents other than those mentioned above may damage the polarizer. Especially, do not use the following:

-Aromatic solvents

1.6 Do not attempt to disassemble the OLED Module.

1.7 If the logic circuit power is off, do not apply the input signals.

1.8 To prevent destruction of the elements by static electricity, be careful to maintain an optimum work environment.

    1.8.1 Be sure to ground the body when handling the OLED Modules.

    1.8.2 Tools required for assembly, such as soldering irons, must be properly ground.

    1.8.3 To reduce the amount of static electricity generated, do not conduct assembly and other work under dry conditions.

    1.8.4 The OLED Module is coated with a film to protect the display surface. Be care when peeling off this protective film since static electricity may be generated.


2  Storage precautions

2.1 When storing the OLED modules, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or to the light of fluorescent lamps.

2.2 The OLED modules should be stored under the storage temperature range. If the OLED modules will be stored for a long time, the recommend condition is,
     Temperature : 0℃~40℃
     Relativelyhumidity :  ≤80%


3 The OLED modules should be stored in the room without acid, alkali and harmful gas.

3.1 Transportation Precautions

3.2 The OLEDmodules should be no falling and violent shocking during transportation, and also should avoid excessive press, water, damp and sunshine.


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