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When choosing a 7-inch TFT color screen, material selection is very important!

The 7-inch TFT color screen is an indispensable component of many intelligent products in the information age. As an intelligent terminal, we all hope that the 7-inch TFT color screen we purchase is able to deliver good quality, high yield, and good product reliability, as this is required to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

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So, what ensures the quality of the 7-inch TFT color screen? In addition to refined production and experienced production operators, are there other factors? Of course, there are, and this article will focus on the importance of material selection for the 7-inch TFT color screen.

Composition of Screen Material

A 7-inch TFT color screen is mainly composed of a TFT LCD glass panel, backlight, FPC, IC, and a polarizer. If your product requires touch interactivity, you also need to include a touch screen. Different components have different functions, and they can only be displayed correctly when they are combined together.

7inch_lcdJDI 7 inch FHD TFT-LCD

The composition of the screen material in a 7-inch TFT color display will have an impact on both the screen’s quality and its service life. These are covered in more detail below:

1. Screen Quality

What material is selected for the 7-inch TFT color screen will directly affect its quality. Take different glass panels as an example: the color and display effect of glass from high-end panel  
manufacturers such as BOE or Hancai are higher than some ordinary panel manufacturers.

2. Screen Life

The composition of materials in a 7-inch TFT color screen will also directly affect its service life. In this instance, let’s take the backlight as an example. We can say for certain that different backlights have different lengths of service life. The general specification states that you need 3W hours for 3W. hours, 5W hours of materials are required, and different materials have different prices.
In conclusion, therefore, the selection of the most appropriate 7-inch TFT color screen for you and your products is very important. We at Panox Display know this and we will work with you to identify the best screen for your needs, taking into account the relevant industry and customer requirements. Our service is valued greatly by our customers.  

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