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Why Does The TFT LCD Display Go Yellow?

TFT displays are a common type of display, and because of their characteristics, we may have some abnormalities in the production process and use, such as the TFT display becoming yellow. This unfortunate phenomenon is very common, so today Panox Display will analyze the reasons for the TFT display turning yellow:
1. Backlight aging
A TFT light-emitting display mainly depends on the backlight, but the backlight has a lifetime. If is stocked in a warehouse for a long time, the backlight is extremely prone to aging. Generally, it`s better not to keep the backlight in a warehouse for more than three months before assembly. The longer the time it spends in stock, the easier the backlight will turn yellow.
2. The color temperature of the LED lamp is attenuated
The TFT screen has a lifetime. But this only represents that the TFT screen will not work well after a normal lifetime. However, the LED light color temperature value will also be reduced with time, decreasing very slowly every year.
3. Uneven TFT display color
Another reason is that some areas of the display go yellow. This situation is caused by the uneven color of the TFT display itself. In this situation, we can measure the color uniformity of the TFT display to see whether it is in the normal range.
Liquid crystal display yellowing is probably the reason, but Panox Display will not allow a "yellow" TFT display to be shipped after the strict test.


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