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RayNeo Air 2s AR Glasses with Sony Micro OLED: 201-Inch Giant Screen Effect

May 21 — RayNeo Innovation has unveiled the RayNeo Air 2s AR glasses. These glasses are designed to expand the small screen of various smart devices to a 201-inch display, providing an immersive viewing experience from any position, whether seated, standing, or lying down.

Micro OLED Display

The standout feature of the RayNeo Air 2s AR glasses is the advanced Micro OLED display. This high-resolution screen, developed in collaboration with Sony, offers a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, delivering incredibly sharp and vibrant visuals. The Micro OLED technology provides several key benefits that enhance the user experience:

High Color Gamut: The display supports a wide color gamut, ensuring that colors are vivid and true to life. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high color accuracy, such as watching movies or playing games.
High Color Accuracy: With precise color reproduction, users can enjoy content as it was meant to be seen, with accurate hues and tones.
High Color Depth: The screen can display a broad range of colors, providing more detail and depth in images, which enhances the realism and immersion of the visual experience.
High Clarity: The 1920x1080 resolution ensures that even the smallest details are clear and crisp, making text easy to read and images sharp.
Smooth Visuals: The display features a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which ensures smooth motion and reduces blur, making it ideal for fast-paced content like action movies and video games.
Brightness and Customization: The glasses support 10 levels of brightness adjustment and screen color customization, allowing users to fine-tune their viewing experience according to personal preferences and different lighting conditions.

Additional Features

While the Micro OLED display is the highlight, the RayNeo Air 2s AR glasses also come with other advanced features:

Audio System: The glasses feature a newly designed symmetrical audio system with four full-frequency speaker units, providing a high-quality sound experience. Phase elimination technology and whisper mode significantly reduce sound leakage, ensuring privacy and minimizing disturbance to others.
Ergonomic Design: The glasses are designed for comfort, with skin-friendly materials and a weight distribution that reduces pressure on the nose bridge. Adjustable nose pieces and temples ensure a good fit for various face shapes.
Compatibility: RayNeo Air 2s is compatible with a wide range of devices, including RayNeo Magic Box, JoyDock, smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles, making them versatile for different usage scenarios.



The RayNeo Air 2s AR glasses represent a leap forward in wearable technology, primarily due to their high-resolution 1920x1080 Micro OLED display. This screen ensures exceptional clarity, color accuracy, and smooth visuals, making it perfect for immersive entertainment and detailed work. Combined with ergonomic design and advanced audio features, the RayNeo Air 2s offers a superior AR experience, setting a new standard in the industry.

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