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AR Diving Mask With High Brightness Micro OLED

AR diving mask could be the future of all types of divers, AR display on the diving glass will make diving safer.

AR(Augmented Reality) superimposes visual parameters on a lense over a real-world environment. Fighter aircraft have been equipped with AR technology. It enables pilots to see many parameters like speed and altitude without constantly looking down at their controls.

Divers have to pay attention to many safety factors, containing depth, dive time, and no-stop time. For many inexperienced divers, it`s easy to lose track of long-time underwater. Oxygen may run out when you are observing the abysmal sea. This can lead to very dangerous consequences and even death.

An AR Diving Masks Improve Safety

AR diving masks have the potential to improve underwater safety. One example is Scuba diving mask, which has a heads-up display, HD camera, chat, and more. With Scubus S augmented reality heads-up display, you`re going to know the depth, water temperature, and immersion time. It has a selection of up to 20 pre-typed messages.

In theory, AR diving masks can be great alternatives to traditional dive computers. If the information you need flashes before your eyes, then you won’t ever forget to check your air consumption, depth, and more.

According to feedback from our clients, high brightness is very important for underwater equipment. Panox Display has imported a large number of high-brightness Sony micro OLEDs as follows and made a small HDMI controller board.



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