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New LCD Application: The Dictionary Pen

The dictionary pen is a scanning electronic dictionary.
Compared with the traditional electronic dictionary, the dictionary pen – which uses scanning technology – boasts innovations in both technical principles and appearance.
In terms of technical principles, it adopts optical symbol recognition (OCR) technology and an embedded translation system to replace the traditional electronic dictionary's key input by means of the rapid scanning of words. When looking up words, you only need to scan gently and the word's meaning and pronunciation are displayed.
In terms of appearance, meanwhile, the dictionary pen is styled in the shape of an actual pen, with great attention paid to making the product as lightweight and portable as possible.

The dictionary pen uses a 2.45-inch TFT-LCD with 240x432 pixels and 2 MIPI lanes, integrated with customized touch panel (optional). Panox Display hold a big inventory of this display.

This Dictionary Pen is produced by our clients, if you need OEM dictionary pen, feel free to contact us.

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