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Apple Inc. has signed with the second OLED display supplier

Foreign media outlets reported that according to the insiders, Apple Inc. would sign with the second Amoled panel display supplier, LG Display to lessen its reliance on Samsung and reduce the cost of the iPhone.
Samsung and LG Is Main Display Supplier For Iphone
The insiders said, LG would first of all supply 2 million to 4 million OLED display screens. Now Apple Inc. is negotiating with Samsung about reducing the price of the OLED display supplies this year. Samsung supplied about 50 million AMOLED displaying screens to Apple in 2017 as the exclusive OLED panel supplier to iPhone X. Signing the second OLED screen supplier contributes to the negotiation of Apple Inc. with Samsung.
Before that, foreign media outlets had reported Apple Inc. met with resistance in finding a new OLED displaying screen supplier for iPhone. The manufacturing technique of LG can only allow itself to produce big OLED panels, but Apple needs smaller screens. Moreover, Apple has required LG to carry out the third round of prototyping production of the OLED displaying screens to match iPhone, which is quite something for an accessory manufacturer. But the problem seems to be solved now.

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