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Samsung's First XR Headset: 1.3-Inch MicroOLED Screen from Sony

According to sources, in a significant move, Samsung has opted to procure a 1.3-inch MicroOLED screen from Sony for its upcoming XR headset. This decision comes as per the latest findings from market research agency Omdia, published on March 15th. It's reported that Samsung has already placed an order with Sony for the OLEDoS screen, marking a pivotal development in the evolution of XR technology.

According to Omdia, Japanese company Sony is scheduled to supply the internal display for Samsung's XR device, which is set to be released by the end of this year. Originally, Samsung had planned to order panels from Samsung Display but changed its supply chain.

Sony will supply micro organic light-emitting diode (OLEDoS) displays using the WOLED method for Samsung's XR device, which is understood to be a 1.3-inch internal display.

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Furthermore, according to Omdia, Apple requested additional supply of OLEDoS for its Vision Pro from Sony at the end of last year, which is attributed to an increase in the expected shipment volume for Vision Pro this year compared to the initial estimate. Omdia had initially forecasted the shipment volume of this product to be around 300,000 units last year, but it has been revised upwards to over 500.000 units.                                        

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