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RT4723- AMOLED Power IC Solution

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) have grown in popularity for a wide range of applications, such as mobile phones, wearable devices, medical applications, etc.

AMOLED displays have many advantages
Ultra thin (no backlight)
High contrast ratio
Vivid image
Very wide viewing angle
Lower power consumption

This is due to the different construction of AMOLED. Unlike TFT-LCD panels, AMOLED panels don’t require additional LED backlight units. AMOLED consist of a thin layer of organic polymers that light up when current passes through. Therefore AMOLED screen can be very thin and can be made in flexible shapes.
TFT-LCD screens need backlighting over the complete screen area, whereas in AMOLED each pixel can be illuminated individually via row (SCAN line) and column (DATA line). Pixels can be completely switched off, allowing deep black for better contrast ratio and most importantly saving power to extend battery life.

To Power AMOLED display needs special care

AMOLED panel drive is extremely sensitive to noise, and requires special designed power ICs to provide very precise and noise free voltages. Panox Display has launched a series of integrated AMOLED power IC solutions which provide f ed positive (Vpos) and dynamic negative (Vneg) supply rails for the OLED power and AVDD voltage for Driver power for several portable display applications.

Dual output AMOLED Power IC with integrated boost converter for Vpos and charge pump for Vneg in small CSP-15B 1.39x2.07 package, ideal for 1’’ to 2’’ panels in battery-powered wearable/portable applications. Extremely small PCB footprint, and better light load efficiency compared to competitor solutions.

Panox Display offer 100+ OLED panel, about  30% of these are PMOLED, 70% of these are AMOLED.
A wide variety of OLED bulker options are available to you.

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