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6.08 inch  monochrome LCD 2K Resolution For 3D printing 6.08 inch  monochrome LCD 2K Resolution For 3D printing

6.08 inch monochrome LCD 2K Resolution For 3D printing

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Model: PL608MO2KM

This is a customized 6.08 inch 2K LCD for 3D printing system.It`s with 1620x2560 resolution,a mipi interface, 2.8 volt logic voltage.
Our demonstration is testing this LCD with professional external backlight device. Connect computer with mipi to HDMI converter board.

This new LCD, it`s without backlight, now 3D printer manufacutuers doesn`t need to remove back light of original LCD such as Sharp 5.5 inch two K LCD, JDI 8.9 inch two K LCD.

And this 6.08  is monochrome LCD which abandon full color mode, then UV light will go through LCD with higher efficiency.

The thicker thickness, 1.3 mm, also make this 6.08 have a long life time when bear UV light.

Panox Display provide HDMI To MIPI DSI Controller Board to drive this  6.08 inch 3D printer LCD, but it`s better to test with outer backlight

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How can I test the display screen?
Panox Display provide HDMI/Type-C controller board or individual demo kit to test.
The pictures of demo kit can be changed by yourself.
How can I drive the display panel?
Panox Display will provide necessary specifications for most LCD/OLED on sale, including,
Display Datasheet
Display Drawing
IC Datasheet
Circuit schematic
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Where can I get the cover glass or touch screen for this display panel?
First, you need to check whether this display has On-cell or In-cell touch panel, if has, it only needs to add a cover glass on it. If not, it needs an external touch panel.
(On-cell and In-cell are integrated PCAP touch panels on the display screen)
Because the shape of the cover glass depends on the design of the clients, to avoid infringement of appearance,  most of the developers need different customized touch panels.
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What`s the quality standard of Panox Display`s display panels?
Most display panels are from giant manufacturers such as BOE, Sharp, LG, EDO, AUO, etc. They have already tested with strict standards.
For OEM products from Panox Display factory, please check the quality test standards.  
What`s the lifetime of these display panels?
The lifetime is different on different images, check the lifetime on datasheet to study it.
Can I connect this display to Raspberry Pi?
If your Raspberry Pi can support the interface of the display panel, and you know how to program on Raspberry Pi, you can connect to our display.
If you don`t know or don`t want to write a display program on Raspberry Pi, it`s better to get an HDMI controller board from us, and Panox Display will send a config.txt file for reference.

Model Name PL608MO2KM
Display Type TFT-LCD
Display Brand Tianma
Interface MIPI
Screen Size 6.08
Orientation Portrait
Display Color Monochrome
Manufacturer Tianma
Resolution 1620x2560
Driver IC HX8252-A
Consumption -
Active Area (mm) 82.62 x 130.56 mm
Bezel Area (mm) 87.02 X 138.56 X 1.3 mm
Luminance No Backlight
Viewing Angle 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
Color Depth 16.7M 100%
Mass -
Refresh Rate -
Signal Type MIPI
Voltage Supply 2.8 V (Typ)
Operating Temp -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temp -30 ~ 70 °C
Aspect Ratio -
Screen Type TFT-LCD
Arrangement -
Outline (mm) 87.02 X 138.56 X 1.3 mm
Treatment -
Contrast Ratio 10000 : 1 (Min.) (TM)
Response 35 ms
Work Mode -
Backlight No Backlight
Used For 3D Printing System (Only)
Touch Panel none
Outdoor Visibility -

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