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long-strip-stretched display panel

The long screen has ultra-high dynamic contrast, the color flash is more saturated and gorgeous, the visual effect is more three-dimensional and vivid, ultra-fast response moment, ultra-fast response time, the unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology to enhance the visual performance under the dynamic picture.

Long strip screen bright LCD substrate through the unique skills of processing. With the characteristics of industrial grade LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in a harsh environment.
Long strip screen has a wide range of applications, advertising and media field. With its unique advantages, the long-shaped screen has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes, and become a new force in the advertising media industry.
The long screen can be used as the bus and subway indoor station screen, taxi roof screen. In the subway, bus display, taxi top, subway compartment, summarize the flash of vehicle arrival information and other multimedia information.
The long screen is used in smart shelves, which are normally broadcast through. When a customer walks in and picks up a pair of shoes, the screen will automatically display the characteristics of the shoes, including color, size, inventory and other information.
From the characteristics of long strip display, we know why there are more and more long strip screens used right now, so there is still a large proportion of long strip screen shopping malls.

Panox Display can provide many kinds of long-strip display, such as 7.84 inch TFT-LCD 1280*400, 8.8 inch TFT-LCD 1920*480, 14 inch TFT-LCD 3840*1100. 


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Model Size Display Type Resolution Interface Display Brand Image
2.99 inch Long Strip LCD
2.99 inch Long Strip LCD
Display TypeIPS LCD
Display BrandPanox Display
2.99 IPS LCD 268*800 MIPI Panox Display 2.99 inch Long Strip LCD
6.8 inch long strip LCD IPS TFT
6.8 inch long strip LCD IPS TFT
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution480 x 1280
Display BrandTianma
6.8 TFT-LCD 480 x 1280 MIPI Tianma 6.8 inch long strip LCD IPS TFT
7.84 inch Long Strip LCD For Aida64 Sub Display
7.84 inch Long Strip LCD For Aida64 Sub Display
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution1280×400(RGB) 171PPI
Display BrandTianma
7.84 TFT-LCD 1280×400(RGB) 171PPI MIPI Tianma 7.84 inch Long Strip LCD For Aida64 Sub Display
8.8 inch Long Strip LCD  Aida64 HDMI  Board
8.8 inch Long Strip LCD Aida64 HDMI Board
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution1920×480(RGB) 222PPI
Display BrandHannStar
8.8 TFT-LCD 1920×480(RGB) 222PPI MIPI HannStar 8.8 inch Long Strip LCD  Aida64 HDMI  Board
14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board
14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board
Size14 inch
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution3840×1100 283PPI
Display BrandBOE
14 inch TFT-LCD 3840×1100 283PPI LVDS,HDMI BOE 14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board

It`s just a beginning to get display panels from us, then clients need to solve cover glass/touch panel, driving board, connectors on PCB.Fortunately Panox Display provide complete display solutions.
Panox Display provides free connectors for clients who purchase more than five products from us. Our product range includes connectors from Molex, Kyocera, AXE, AXG, JAE, Hiros, and more.
Cover Glass/Touch Panels
Panox Display provides a customized cover glass/touch panel service. We supply cover glass from Gorilla, AGC, and Panda, which all have excellent optical performance. We also supply driver ICs from Goodix and Focaltech.
Controller/Driver Boards
If your applications are directly connected to a PC, a cellphone, or Raspberry Pi, and you have enough space to insert a board to input video, Panox Display can provide customized Controller/Driver boards with input connections for VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, Type-C video input, MIPI, RGB, LVDS, and eDP.
The functions of our boards include, but are not limited to, adjustment of brightness, sound output, touch interface, extra data transmission, and gyroscope.

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