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Long Strip LCD Application

With the rapid development of TFT LCD technology, there are more and more types of screens with more and more functions. All kinds of shapes are displayed in front of our eyes to meet our different needs, which are full of beauty and creativity. And the long trip/bar LCD screen is one of them. Longstrip/Bar LCD screen is different from ordinary LCD screen, its length and width size can be freely customized according to the applications of the scene, in the completion of information display at the same time, the shape also has sublimation, so that the product better adapt to the application environment. What are the application areas of the bar LCD screen? So let's introduce that.

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1. Commercial Application Field


The development of a new retail concept will subvert the traditional sales model. In traditional shopping malls, supermarkets display products by category on shelves and use paper price information sheets to mark them. The advantages are low cost, but the display effect and aesthetic feeling are weak, and the update maintenance is prone to error. The use of LCD shelf bar screens will give users a better experience, the display of commodity information is more detailed and clearer, if the use of the touch function, will make human-computer interaction better, and save the customer to ask the business super staff trouble. LCD manufacturers are also along the tailwind of the new sales model, through the promotion of LCD shelf bar screens, to provide customers with better shopping and consumption experience.

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2. Application of public transport

The long strip LCD screen can be used in the bar scrolling screen in the bus, or the station announcement screen in the subway car to comprehensively display the vehicle route information, the arrival information, and other multimedia publicity information. Sometimes the ride time in the public transport carriage is rather boring. If the long strip screen in front of you is playing news, entertainment, weather, stations, advertisements, and other information, it will attract the interest and attention of most passengers, so as to achieve good publicity and advertising effect.

3. Application fields of the financial system

Long-strip LCD screens are also widely used in financial systems such as banks and securities companies. The long strip screen is usually used on the information display screen in the lobby to provide customers with timely and accurate call information, financial information, exchange rate information, bond information, etc. Long strip LCD screen with high resolution, high brightness, and 180-degree full Angle display characteristics, to provide customers with a better visual experience.

4. Application field of new media advertising
Nowadays, the rapid development of new media is a huge impact on the traditional advertising industry. The traditional advertising industry usually uses large billboards, light boxes, and other models, the picture can not be changed, and the picture quality is also limited. In the new media era, the Long strip LCD screen, with its features of high resolution, high definition, and gorgeous color display, presents users with a pleasant visual experience through the integration of pictures, text, video, and audio. Such 24-hour rolling advertising information, not only the content of the information is more, and can attract more attention, thus generating huge advertising economic benefits.


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In addition to the application fields described above, LCD bar LCD screen is also widely used in airports, monitoring systems, dispatch command systems, exhibition centers, multimedia classrooms, video conferencing systems, multifunctional display systems, community bulletin boards,s, and other fields. It can be seen that in today's new media era, Long strip LCD screen with various sizes, and excellent display effect, is favored by various application fields.

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