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What Size of Display Do Medical Instruments Use?

With the development of science and technology, intelligent products are penetrating into all walks of life, and the medical industry is no exception. On the other hand, people's health awareness is gradually improving, and health has already become a global hot spot. Medical instruments will also use medical displays as an important medium for human-computer interaction. Panox Display has been deeply involved in the medical instrument industry for many years. Today, we will take you to have a look at the commonly used medical display sizes in the medical instrument industry.

1. Small size medical display screen commonly used in medical instruments

There are many types of medical instruments. Different types of medical instruments use different sizes of medical display screens, but almost all medical instruments of the same type use products of the same size, so it is also traceable. Generally, medical instruments with small size medical display sizes belong to portable or wearable medical products. These include health bracelets, small home ventilators, monitors, oximeters, vision screeners, and more.

                                                Medical display screen

So what are the common sizes of small medical displays commonly used in medical devices? There are 2.0 inch, 2.4 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.5 inch, most are horizontal screens, small size medical display resolution accounts for more.


2. Medium size medical display screen commonly used in medical instruments

Medium size medical display covers a wider range of medical instruments, including monitor, immune analyzer, laser therapy instrument, electrocardiograph, automatic sphygmomanometer, cardiovascular detector, blood cell analysis, blood glucose meter, infusion pump instrument, and so on can use medium size medical display. Common sizes include 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9.7 inch, 10.1 inch, and so on.
                          Medical display monitor

3. Large-size medical display screen commonly used in medical instruments

The medical instruments involved in the large-size medical displays are generally medical instruments used in hospitals, belonging to medium and large-sized medical instruments. Generally, large-size medical display includes 10.4 inches, 12.1 inches, 15 inches, 15.6 inches and so on.

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