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AM-OLED shows the current is still in the technology leading period, folding, screen camera, narrow frame, high refresh rate, low power consumption, ultra-thin display technology popular with the market, terminal application penetration accelerated, and gradually from smartphones, smart wear small main penetration areas to the car, laptop size expansion, industry in rapid expansion period, no previous display industry facing cyclical fluctuations, the overall industry pattern initially formed.
Yanshun Chen, BOE’s chairman, recently revealed at the performance exchange meeting that BOE's flexible AMOLED product shipments totaled nearly 60 million pieces in 2021. According to consulting agency data, the company enjoys a global market share of 17%, meaning it ranks second in the world. The company’s goal in 2022 is to ship more than 100 million pieces, a figure which constitutes full production capacity. Production capacity will then be boosted further in 2023, when the company’s Chongqing's flexible OLED production line starts mass production.
Silicon-based OLED is characteristically small in size, lightweight, high resolution, high contrast, all while delivering stable performance with low power consumption. It is the most suitable microdisplay technology for near-eye display devices. As such, silicon-based OLED displays are most commonly used in AR/VR smart wearable products.
What is XR? XR means Extended Reality, contains VR, AR, MR. The Mobile World Congress (MWC2022) was held in Barcelona, Spain, which was when ByteDance(Tiktok)and Qualcomm announced that they will work together to develop XR devices and software to build a global XR ecosystem.
Chinese panel manufacturer BOE plans to mass produce a two-layer "dual-stack tandem" OLED display by stacking light-emitting layers. Dual-stack series connections can reduce power consumption by about 30%, and Chinese smartphone manufacturers have shown strong interest in the technology. BOE’s ultimate goal is to accumulate the technology needed to supply OLED screens for use in Apple’s IT products.
By the end of 2021, in excess of 40% of the world's smartphones contained OLED screens. And by the end of 2022, that percentage is expected to rise to more than 55%.
Chinese panel maker BOE will supply OLED panels for use in the premium version of Apple's iPhone 15 (tentative name) series next year. In related news, it is also expected that BOE will begin to produce even more technologically advanced panels next year in its pursuit of both Samsung Display and LG Display.
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