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The Meizu Pro 7 Plus is a 5 7 inch smartphone that has two AMOLED displays, a 1440p display around the front, and a secondary 1 91 inch 240×536 AMOLED display on the back
2020-05-03 16:18:01

The OnePlus 8 series features

OnePlus 8 displays are "top tier OLED display panels from Samsung Display " You may also remember that the company gave both displays A+ ratings before launch, as they got to test them prior to the announcement
In China, people who go to different places need to take temperature when cross checkpoints, it`s necessary to measure to find out infected people So forehead thermometer is the hottest product
China Star Optoelectronics Semiconductor Display Technology Co ,Ltd (CSOT) has sought a patent for method for preparing flexible OLED display panel and motherboard structure thereof Yuan Chaoyu developed the invention
JDI (Japan Display Inc) announced that they would begin mass producing a VR LCD with high PPI (pixel per inch) which used in VR equipment
It appears that BOE decided to delay its initial plan for production schedule and make a downward revision to its target on production due to lack of the yield of 6th generation flexible OLED and weakened market demands. BOE is currently testing its B11 line and is preparing investments for B12 and B15 lines as well.
SDC (Samsung Display Co LTD) has scaled down its LCD (liquid crystal display) business amid intensifying competition with Chinese competitors and falling prices, shifting its focus to organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), according to industry analy
Aug 12, 2019, Visionox Technology (002387) plans to invest RMB 11 2 billion (USD1 6 billion) in a factory located at Guangzhou which will develop the 6th generation flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED)
Japan Display Inc (JDI) wishes to weather difficult times and turn its fortunes, thanks to likely new requirement coming from Apple Watch Series 5 with expectations of more orders for its larger OLED screens, says Analyst Guo Minghao at Tianfeng Internat

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