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OLED Shipments Set to Triple as Gaming Displays Gain Momentum


OLED technology, renowned for its high contrast and saturation, faced a formidable rival with the emergence of Mini-LED in 2021. Although Mini-LED and OLED follow distinct technological paths, both emphasize "backlight control," offering the potential for an "infinite" contrast ratio. However, high initial prices persist for both technologies, hindering their widespread adoption until domestic display enterprises boost OLED production.

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Mini-LED encounters a similar pricing dilemma, lacking a competitive edge against IPS, VA, and some smaller OLED screens. Despite this, OLED seizes a final opportunity to thrive in the Mini-LED era. According to Omdia's mid-2023 report, global OLED panel shipments are projected to surge from 160,000 in 2022 to a peak of 2.77 million in 2026, with gaming displays driving this growth.


Omdia anticipates a significant increase in OLED panels' share in gaming displays, soaring from 7.3% in 2022 to 54% in 2024. Both Omdia and TrendForce predict a substantial annual growth rate for OLED shipments in 2023, attributing the surge to the booming gaming display market.

Despite past challenges in gaming applications, OLED's versatility positions it as a preferred choice for consumers in the large-size gaming screen segment. As the market shifts towards larger OLED devices, the demand for smaller OLED displays diminishes. TrendForce's 2023 report highlights 34-inch and 27-inch OLED screens accounting for 37% and 32% of the market share, respectively.

OLED's inherent advantages, such as pixel-level light control, compensate for screen brightness and contribute to a faster response time, making it suitable for gaming. However, OLED faces challenges, including screen burn-in issues and lower brightness levels compared to alternatives like Mini-LED.

Despite these challenges, OLED monitors are gaining traction, especially in larger sizes, where they can leverage their unique characteristics. As the competition between OLED and emerging technologies like Micro-LED intensifies, consumers can expect more diverse options at competitive prices, signaling a positive trend in the display market.


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