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BOE Explores Silicon-Based OLEDs for Meta`s Potential 2027 AR Devices


According to industry sources, Meta is considering LCoS (LC on Silicon) OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) and LEDoS (LEDoS: LED on Silicon) as the next-generation Extended Reality (XR) Micro Display (microdisplay) technology.

Meta has been discussing microdisplay technology with domestic and international panel makers for years. If Meta applies OLEDoS to XR devices, it can consider supplying OLEDoS by Samsung Display, BOE, and others.

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On the one hand, BOE is also willing to discuss WOLED+CF OLEDoS supply with Meta. BOE is producing WOLED+CF OLEDoS. On the other hand, LG Display is unlikely to discuss OLEDoS development with Meta. LG Display has been researching and developing OLEDoS technology in the WOLED+CF method, but has not yet made the necessary investment to build a large-scale production line.


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