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The smartphone OLED screen market: Samsung 72%, BOE 9%, and TCL 2%

By the end of 2021, in excess of 40% of the world's smartphones contained OLED screens. And by the end of 2022, that percentage is expected to rise to more than 55%.

This means that, while many netizens have loudly insisted that
LCD technology will never die, the smartphone nation is already on an unstoppable march towards OLED. 

This is naturally good news for major manufacturers of OLED screens. And it is especially so for Samsung, because in the field of smartphone OLED screens, Samsung is the undisputed king.
According to survey data produced by CINNO Research, global
AM-OLED smartphone panel shipments topped 668 million in 2021, a 36.3% increase on the figure for the previous year. And Samsung accounted for a whopping 72% of those shipments. The dominance is stark: the Korean giant has no real rival.

The next biggest Korean manufacturer is LG, which had a 7% share. Taken together, that means that Korean manufacturers control nearly 80% of the global mobile phone OLED screen market.


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