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VIVO X100 series phones released with 6.78-inch flexible OLED screen


On November 14, Vivo unveiled the X100 series, showcasing phones equipped with a 6.78-
inch flexible OLED screen. This cutting-edge display, developed by BOE, boasts a
resolution of 1260×2800 and features Super Retina 8T technology for eye protection.
With a remarkable peak brightness of 3,000 nits, the screen incorporates BOE's latest
LTPO pixel circuits, enabling a versatile 1-120Hz adaptive multi-frequency dynamic
refresh mode.

Prioritizing eye health, the display integrates BOE Flexible OLED Low Blue Light
Technology, utilizing advanced light-emitting devices to mitigate the harmful
transmission of blue light. The technology strategically relocates the peak position of
harmful blue light in the OLED spectrum. Additionally, the screen supports a 2160Hz
ultra-high-frequency PWM dimming mode, enhancing dimming frequency and minimizing
potential eye strain in low-light conditions. The X100 series exemplifies Vivo's
commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology with a focus on user well-being.

Panox Display also provide 6.78 flexible OLED, the resolution is 1080*2400.


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