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Biggest LCD manufacturer-BOE presents at International Display Week

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SID Display Week 2022 kicked off in San Jose on May 10. As a weathervane for technological development in the global display industry, this top-tier event brought together the industry’s biggest players – including BOE, Samsung Display, Tianma, TCL Huaxin, LG Display, Visionox, AUO and Innolux, among others – who used the event to showcase their latest technology products.


BOE used the opportunity to showcase their new "Intelligent Cockpit Display Interactive System". The instrument display in this system integrates the latest 4K light field 3D display system developed by BLON technology (the display above the white steering wheel handle in the above picture). It also incorporates the world's most advanced naked eye 3D light field display technology. The immersive 3D onboard instrument UI, when combined with the real-time algorithm of light field display and depth optimization, enables the driver to experience realistic 3D display effects without wearing glasses. Compared with traditional display screens, the technology helps the driver to perceive the driving situation more quickly and efficiently and, in doing so, improves both the safety and fun of driving.

                                                  Naked eye 3D display from BOE               
Naked eye 3D display (
check display for AR applications) technology is one of the latest development trends in intelligent cockpit technology, and global industry giants are stepping up their layouts. Unlike in cinema screens, where 3D technology is utilized to enhance entertainment, the technology used in in-car displays is designed to enable drivers to more quickly obtain important visual information and accurately understand spatial factors. For instance, the technology is used in driving assistant and traffic safety systems to warn of impending danger by “jumping out” of the screen at the driver. Such an intuitive display can dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of a driver’s response to the conditions around them, therefore improving driving safety.


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