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JDI Develops 1058 PPI LCD For PSVR 2.0

On Feb 19, JDI (Japan Display Inc)  announced that they would begin mass-producing a VR LCD with high PPI (pixel per inch) which is used in VR equipment. Since JDI is a joint venture founded by Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba, this LCD screen will be used in Sony`s next-generation VR device, PSVR2.

Now, not much has been known about SONY`s next-generation VR device, but the new display will offer a very high single-eye resolution at 1600x1600, it also provides a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. So this 2.1 inch will have a high PPI which reaches 1058 PPI, 4.5 ms response time, and 430 nits brightness. Although high refresh rates are common in VR displays, a single high resolution is relatively difficult to achieve. If PSVR2 can carry this display, its performance will be as good as esports monitors.

Where To Buy Display For VR Devices?

As a professional Oled supplier from China, Panox Display also keeps following the latest VR displays, now we have many kinds of VR displays as follows,
2.9 inch LCD, 1440X1440, 120 Hz
2.95" AMOLED, 1080x1200,90 Hz 
3.5 inch LCD 1440x1600,90 Hz
3.5" AMOLED, 1440x1600 90 Hz
3.81" AMOLED, 1080x1200, 90 Hz
Panox Display also provides similar high PPI LCDs for VR, which have a 1054 PPI.


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