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What is AM-OLED Display(Full-Color OLED)?

AM-OLED stands for Active Matrix OLED (or, in full, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes). Compared to traditional TFT screens, AM-OLED screens offer a number of advantages, including faster response speeds, self-illumination, excellent display effects, and lower power consumption. 
These advantages mean OLED displays are able to display pure black, offer higher contrasts, deliver more vivid colors, and can be used in direct sunlight, all while using relatively little power. Taken together, this explains why AMOLED displays are so well suited for use in handheld, military equipment, gaming, and sports-related devices.


It need big investment to produce AMOLED, there are less than 20 companies can produce AMOLED all over the world, the major manufacturers of AMOLED contains Samsung, BOE, EDO, GVO(Visionox), Tianma, Innolux, AUO, Truly, etc.

Structure of AM-OLED Display

Substrate layer: The bottom layer is made of glass or plastic and acts as a base for the entire AMOLED structure.
Anode layer: The anode layer is made up of a transparent electrode material such as indium tin oxide (ITO) that is coated on the substrate layer. It helps in providing an electric charge to the OLED material.
Organic layer: The organic layer consists of a thin layer of organic materials that are responsible for emitting light when an electric charge is applied. It is made up of various sub-layers, including a hole injection layer, a hole transport layer, an emissive layer, and an electron transport layer.
Cathode layer: The cathode layer is made up of another transparent electrode material such as aluminum or silver that is deposited on top of the organic layer. It helps in extracting electrons from the OLED material.
Thin-film transistor (TFT) layer: The TFT layer is a layer of transistors that are responsible for controlling the flow of current to the OLED material. It is located behind the organic layer and is used to individually address each pixel in the display.

Advantages of AM-OLED Display

1. Wide Color Gamut            2. High Contrast Ratio             3. Ultra-thin Thickness
4. Readable Under Sun        5. Low Consumption                6. Fast Response

Wide Operation Temperature Range

OLED can work well in temperature ranges from -30℃ to +70℃. So it`s perfect for military equipment or developer in cold/hot regions which require product work in extreme weather.


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Model Size Display Type Resolution Interface Display Brand Image
7 inch AMOLED OLED 1920X1080 Mipi
7 inch AMOLED OLED 1920X1080 Mipi
Size7 inch
Display TypeOLED , AM-OLED
Resolution1080(RGB)×1920, FHD, 315PPI
Display BrandPanox Display
7 inch OLED , AM-OLED 1080(RGB)×1920, FHD, 315PPI MIPI Panox Display 7 inch AMOLED OLED 1920X1080 Mipi
10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
Size10.5 inch
Display TypeAMOLED
Resolution2560(RGB)×1600 [WQXGA] 287PPI
Display BrandSamsung
10.5 inch AMOLED 2560(RGB)×1600 [WQXGA] 287PPI MIPI Samsung 10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
Display TypeAMOLED
Display BrandEDO
15.6 AMOLED 3840(RGB)×2160 LVDS EDO 15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel
15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel
Display TypeAMOLED
Display BrandSamsung
15.6 AMOLED 3840×2160 LVDS Samsung 15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel

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Panox Display provides a customized cover glass/touch panel service. We supply cover glass from Gorilla, AGC, and Panda, which all have excellent optical performance. We also supply driver ICs from Goodix and Focaltech.
Controller/Driver Boards
If your applications are directly connected to a PC, a cellphone, or Raspberry Pi, and you have enough space to insert a board to input video, Panox Display can provide customized Controller/Driver boards with input connections for VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, Type-C video input, MIPI, RGB, LVDS, and eDP.
The functions of our boards include, but are not limited to, adjustment of brightness, sound output, touch interface, extra data transmission, and gyroscope.

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