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New OLED Application: Goovis G2 VR

The GOOVIS G1 Mobile 3D Theater combines one of the lightest weight headsets with the sharpest optics on the market to provide the ultimate VR movie viewing experience. With a field of view of 53°, the movie picture projected is equivalent to 800” giant screen at 20 meters.

With a resolution of 1920x1080 per eye, the OLED technology creates an ultra HD experience working at 4 million pixels. Its high pixel density (3147 PPI) means viewing remains crisp. Response time of 0.01 milliseconds also ensures there are less motion blur and no dizziness.

Why VR prefer Amoled ?

Because Amoled has incredibly vivid images with extremely fast response times, high refresh rate(90 Hz), criteria well suited to VR content. OLED’s response time is 1,000 times faster than a liquid crystal display (LCD). Moreover, its abundant colors and virtually unlimited contrast provides images that approximate reality as closely as possible.

Amoled products suitable for VR

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