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readable-under-sun display panel

For many products which need to be used outdoor, the sunlight readable is necessary for the display panel. Sunlight readable display screens are designed to work in direct sunlight or intense light environments. They are also known as sun-visible LCD screens or outdoor LCD screens. Different techniques can be used to make the LCD readable under intense light conditions. It is done by increasing the contrast between the object and the background.

Which Display Is Better In Sunlight?

light OLED screen  is no back light illuminate, almost no LCD light-leaking phenomenon, open and close each pixel can be independent, so the performance black, black field intensity is close to 0 nit, theoretically can achieve unlimited contrast, because OLED pixels is illuminated, bend light almost never happen, so the visual Angle is bigger, On the side can also show accurate picture quality.

High brightness LCD
This method is achieved by adjusting the brightness of the LCD backlight and the contrast of the light. The following are suggestions for selecting the brightness of TFT LCD in different light environments. The result of increasing the brightness of the backlight is to make the LCD have higher power consumption.
Lighting Condition Ambient Brightness Suggested Display Brightness Application Examples
Indoor Without lighting Less than 500 nits around 200 nits LCD display in the darkroom
Indoor with lighting Less than1000 nits up to 300 nits Lab equipment, Building&Security system
Bright shop lighting/ Overcast sky 1000~3000 nits 300~500 nits POS&Kiosk, Industrial TFT LCD
Thin high overcast sky/Indirect sunlight 3000~7000 nits 500~600 nits LCD Display in Public areas like stations, parking lot
Full sunlight, blue sky 7000~10000 nits 700~1000 nits Outdoor vending machine, EV charging station

Transflective LCD
Transflective display (TRD) technology is  a kind of display that can be switched before transmission display mode or reflection display mode according to the change of ambient brightness. In the high-light environment, the display is realized by using ambient light as the light source, and in the dark environment, the display is realized by using backlight as the light source. At the same time, it combines the advantages of energy-saving reflection display mode, eye protection, high contrast in high light environment, high-definition transmission display, fast dynamic response and so on.


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Model Size Display Type Resolution Interface Display Brand Image
10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
Size10.5 inch
Display TypeAMOLED
Resolution2560(RGB)×1600 [WQXGA] 287PPI
Display BrandSamsung
10.5 inch AMOLED 2560(RGB)×1600 [WQXGA] 287PPI MIPI Samsung 10.5 inch OLED 2K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
Display TypeAMOLED
Display BrandEDO
15.6 AMOLED 3840(RGB)×2160 LVDS EDO 15.6 inch OLED 4K Resolution For Laptop
15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel
15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel
Display TypeAMOLED
Display BrandSamsung
15.6 AMOLED 3840×2160 LVDS Samsung 15.6 inch Full Color OLED Display 4K Touch Panel

It`s just a beginning to get display panels from us, then clients need to solve cover glass/touch panel, driving board, connectors on PCB.Fortunately Panox Display provide complete display solutions.
Panox Display provides free connectors for clients who purchase more than five products from us. Our product range includes connectors from Molex, Kyocera, AXE, AXG, JAE, Hiros, and more.
Cover Glass/Touch Panels
Panox Display provides a customized cover glass/touch panel service. We supply cover glass from Gorilla, AGC, and Panda, which all have excellent optical performance. We also supply driver ICs from Goodix and Focaltech.
Controller/Driver Boards
If your applications are directly connected to a PC, a cellphone, or Raspberry Pi, and you have enough space to insert a board to input video, Panox Display can provide customized Controller/Driver boards with input connections for VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, Type-C video input, MIPI, RGB, LVDS, and eDP.
The functions of our boards include, but are not limited to, adjustment of brightness, sound output, touch interface, extra data transmission, and gyroscope.

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