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What Is TFT-LCD?

LCD is short for “Liquid Crystal Display”. While there are several different configurations for LCD displays, most are designed in the same basic manner. They are made of two pieces of polarized glass – also called substrates – that contain a liquid crystal material between them. A backlight creates light, which passes through the first substrate. At the same time, electrical currents cause the liquid crystal molecules to align to allow varying levels of light to pass through to the second substrate and create the colors and images that you see on the screen.

Advantages Of TFT-LCD

With the advancements in technology, more and more digital products are being developed, and simple display technology has been unable to meet many people's requirements, so TFT LCD has been widely used in a variety of products. So, what are the advantages of a TFT LCD screen?
1. The visible area is large.
TFT LCDs have a larger viewing area for a display of the same size.
2. They have high-quality displays.
There is no radiation, no flicker, no damage to the user's health. In particular, the emergence of TFT LCD electronic books and periodicals will bring mankind into the era of paperless offices and paperless printing, triggering a revolution in how humans learn, disseminate, and record civilization.
3. There are a wide range of applications.
It can be used normally in the temperature range from -20℃ to +50℃. The low working temperature of TFT LCD can reach - 80℃ after temperature reinforcement. It can be used as a mobile terminal display, desktop terminal display, and the large screen projection display is a full-sized video display terminal with excellent performance.
4. It consumes very little power.
Conventional display screens are made up of many internal circuits that drive cathode-ray tubes, which consume a lot of power, and the larger they are, the more power they consume. The power consumption of the TFT LCD screen is mainly consumed by its internal electrode and drive IC, so power consumption is much smaller.
5. It is thin and light.
TFT LCD controls the molecular state of the liquid crystal through the electrodes on the display screen to create the display. Even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase. And in terms of weight, compared to the same display area of the traditional display, this is much lighter and easier to carry (for example, the laptop).



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Model Size Display Type Resolution Interface Display Brand Image
8.9 inch TFT-LCD IPS For Tablet/3D Printing
8.9 inch TFT-LCD IPS For Tablet/3D Printing
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution2560(RGB)×1600 , WQXGA
Display BrandJDI
8.9 TFT-LCD 2560(RGB)×1600 , WQXGA MIPI JDI 8.9 inch TFT-LCD IPS For Tablet/3D Printing
10.1 inch LCD 2K Resolution For Laptop/3D printing HDMI Board
10.1 inch LCD 2K Resolution For Laptop/3D printing HDMI Board
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution2560(RGB)×1600 , WQXGA
Display BrandSharp
10.1 TFT-LCD 2560(RGB)×1600 , WQXGA MIPI Sharp 10.1 inch LCD 2K Resolution For Laptop/3D printing HDMI Board
14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board
14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board
Size14 inch
Display TypeTFT-LCD
Resolution3840×1100 283PPI
Display BrandBOE
14 inch TFT-LCD 3840×1100 283PPI BOE 14 inch Long Strip LCD For Aviation HDMI Board

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Panox Display provides free connectors for clients who purchase more than five products from us. Our product range includes connectors from Molex, Kyocera, AXE, AXG, JAE, Hiros, and more.
Cover Glass/Touch Panels
Panox Display provides a customized cover glass/touch panel service. We supply cover glass from Gorilla, AGC, and Panda, which all have excellent optical performance. We also supply driver ICs from Goodix and Focaltech.
Controller/Driver Boards
If your applications are directly connected to a PC, a cellphone, or Raspberry Pi, and you have enough space to insert a board to input video, Panox Display can provide customized Controller/Driver boards with input connections for VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, Type-C video input, MIPI, RGB, LVDS, and eDP.
The functions of our boards include, but are not limited to, adjustment of brightness, sound output, touch interface, extra data transmission, and gyroscope.

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